➡️Lumen Protocol

Lumen Protocol is an ecosystem created by harmonizing lottery NFTs and LUMEN tokens. The Lumen Protocol is built on a foundation that is the subject of lottery purchasing agents, a decentralized platform that generates lottery tickets as NFTs and automatically registers them in the NFT Marketplace, and users who can actually purchase and win lottery tickets. In addition to the Canadian lottery purchase agency, the Lumen Protocol Foundation plans to build safe and tax-free lotteries in other third worlds on top of the Lumen Protocol.

To join Lumen Protocol you just need to download the app or register for an account on the website. Then by interacting and connecting within the NFT Marketplace with users and other services through Lumen Protocol's lottery ticket purchasing agents, you can easily earn attractive rewards or free access all over the world with BCLC.

Lumen Protocol is a Dapp based on Lottery and NFTs, which is a Verification NFT, and all activities are performed through applications and websites using Wallet Service along with Web 3.0.

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