➡️Core Value

Lumen Protocol Core Value

Free to Use

Lumen Protocol is completely free, users can join our Lottery Agent Service and use the application without paying any fees.

Service Quality

Lumen Protocol will focus on quality and service control first. For the product models we distribute, the first job in each product stage will be to check the quality and experience the service.

Easy to Pay

We develop and own a separate blockchain wallet platform inside the app and Dapps. Users can easily pay for any services we deliver with Lumen cryptocurrency or tokens.

Provide a variety of experiences

Lumen Protocol will continuously update various products on the protocol to provide various experiences to users.

Service To Earn

Users can trade NFT lottery tickets themselves, and influencers disclose or recommend their lottery numbers, and even OTC is designed to be possible. By providing services to each other, users can conduct economic activities within the ecosystem.

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