📗NFT Marketplace

Lumen NFT Marketplace

  • Not only Verification NFTs, but all NFTs with smart contracts can be traded on the NFT Marketplace.

  • In the NFT Marketplace, member information must match the information entered on the website. Wallet address, email verification, mobile phone number, address, etc. fall into this category.

  • Lumen token and Polygon have been selected as the resources to be used in the NFT Marketplace, and KRW will be supported in the future.

  • Lottery tickets and Verification NFTs purchased from Lumen Protocol are immediately sent to the wallet address entered when signing up, and transactions are possible immediately.

NFT Marketplace supported by KRW

When users deposit KRW into a designated account to use it as currency, oKRW is created and can be traded in the NFT Marketplace through this token. KRW = pegged 1 to 1 with oKRW.

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