📒Lottery NFT

First Verification NFT - Lumen Protocol

Why is it called Verification NFT?

  • Verification NFTs are created immediately upon purchase as a means of verifying Canadian lottery numbers.

  • Verification NFT can be traded up to 2 hours before the announcement of winning the lottery, and Paid Currency is a Matic or Lumen token.

  • Through the Verification NFT, users can prove to the foundation that the lottery ticket they purchased won.

  • Verification NFT Property contains all information about the lottery. Purchase date, time, lottery number, serial number

  • Once created, the Verification NFT cannot be duplicated, and the first buyer can purchase and sell it with royalties.

  • Verification NFTs that have not been won will lose their properties (NFT Information) and will be transformed so that they cannot be traded.

Notice : The winning Verification NFT is not incinerated, but belongs to the last holder as it is, and you can apply for the prize money to the foundation according to the tutorial on the homepage.

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